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jeudi 7 octobre 2010

Disclose - The Aspects of war

Label:F.F.T. Label
Format: Vinyl, 10", EP, 45 RPM
Country: Japan
Style: D-Beat, Discharge

A1 Volksturm
A2 Courage
A3 The Cause Of War
A4 The Aspects Of War
A5 Why Isn't There War?

B1 Heartless
B2 In Fact
B3 The Grief
B4 Smell Of The Rotten Corpse
B5 After An Air-Attack

DISCLOSE-The Aspects of war

Abalienation - Booze and Braces

Abalienation - Booze and Braces
Format: EP
Label: Beer city Records
Genre: Punk

Download: Abalienation - Booze and Braces

samedi 2 octobre 2010

Vömit För Breakfast / Autoritär

Label:Bad Card Records
Format: Vinyl, 7", EP, 33 ⅓ RPM
Style: Grindcore, Punk, Hardcore


A1 Vömit För Breakfast - Hamak
A2 Vömit För Breakfast - Punk Rock Song
A3 Vömit För Breakfast - Chintala
A4 Vömit För Breakfast - VFB
A5 Vömit För Breakfast - NRA
A6 Vömit För Breakfast - +1
A7 Vömit För Breakfast - Moket
A8 Vömit För Breakfast - Mlle Ho
B1 Autoritär - Messerschmidt
B2 Autoritär - Hard To Control
B3 Autoritär - Another War Song
B4 Autoritär - Regulations
B5 Autoritär - Our Saviours

Vömit för Breakfast - Autoritär

Vömit För Breakfast / Emma-Ho

Label: Murder Records
Format: Vinyl, 7", 33 ⅓ RPM
Style: Grindcore, Punk


A1 Vömit För Breakfast - Religion
A2 Vömit För Breakfast - La Nouvelle
A3 Vömit För Breakfast - Alarash
A4 Vömit För Breakfast - Paula
A5 Vömit För Breakfast - Paï
A6 Vömit För Breakfast - Trayett
A7 Vömit För Breakfast - Breakdance
A8 Vömit För Breakfast - Cymbal
B1 Emma-Ho - Corruption Of Truth
B2 Emma-Ho - Eyes Of Millions
B3 Emma-Ho - Slowery Consortium
B4 Emma-Ho - Lobotomisao
B5 Emma-Ho - Revenge On Progress

Vömit för Breakfast - Emmao

Disbeer - The Mighty Boozer

Label: Panx Productions
Format: Vinyl, 7"
Style: Crust


A1-Filthy & Evil Suckers From The Space
A2-The Auch Crust City Most Bizarre & Brutal Crimes
B1-Who Will Survive And What Will Be Left Of Them

Disbeer - The Mighty Boozer

Disbeer - The Frost

Label: Murder Records
Format: Vinyl, 7", Picture Disc
Style: Crust

A1 Skuld & Nails
A2 Life Is Doomed
A3 L.A.M.F.
B1 Born To Loose
B2 Cape Fear
B3 Thirsty & Miserable

Disbeer - The Frost

Jean Seberg - Jean Seberg

Jean Seberg - Jean Seberg
Label: Murder Records, Ratbone Records
Format: Vinyl, 7", EP, 33 ⅓ RPM
Style: Grindcore

A1 Among The Dead
A2 Betrayer
A3 Chaise Electrique
A4 Vladivostock
A5 Mountain Bike
A6 Hopes
B1 Infested
B2 Kiff My Style
B3 Destinée
B4 Sud-Ouest
B5 Surf
B6 Violence


Dahmer / Jeanxseberg

Label: Praxis , Murder Records
Format: Vinyl, 7", EP, 33 ⅓ RPM
Style: Thrash, Grindcore, Hardcore

A1 Dahmer - 39. Consommateurs Leaders
A2 Dahmer - 40. Unabomber
A3 Dahmer - 41. James Oliver Huberty
B1 Jeanxseberg - Uniform
B2 Jeanxseberg - No More
B3 Jeanxseberg - XXXXX
B4 Jeanxseberg - Star Wars
B5 Jeanxseberg - Snake With Glasses
B6 Jeanxseberg - A.L.F.

Dahmer - JeanxSeberg

Arsedestroyer / Confusion

Label: Amok Records
Format: Vinyl, 7", White Label
Style: Grindcore

A1 Arsedestroyer - Untitled
A2 Arsedestroyer - Untitled
A3 Arsedestroyer - Untitled
A4 Arsedestroyer - Untitled
A5 Arsedestroyer - Untitled
A6 Arsedestroyer - Untitled
A7 Arsedestroyer - Untitled
A8 Arsedestroyer - Untitled
A9 Arsedestroyer - Untitled
B1 Confusion - Possession Of Terror
B2 Confusion - Homeless
B3 Confusion - Dirty Ware

Arsedestroyer - Confusion